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Weather in Hesperia, California

Mostly nice weather year-round

Most years do not see temperatures in Hesperia drop below about 20°F or above about 105°F. Occassionally, however, Hesperia does experience very hot temperatures over 105°F with a record high of 113°F in 1995, and some colder temps down to a record low of -1°F in December, 1949. the coldest months are December and January and the wettest months are January to March. The hottest months are July and August. The early 1990's provided some cold winters in Hesperia with temperatures down to about 5°F. The average annual precipitation in Hesperia is about 6.5 inches with the most falling in February and the least in June. Most of the precipitation falls as rain but Hesperia usually does see about 1-2 days of snow per year. On November 21, 2004, snow began falling on Hesperia in amounts that had not been seen since the 1970's. About 1 foot of snow fell on Hesperia within a 24 hour period. The temperature during this time was not much below freezing, it never is when it snows. In the 1980's to the mid-1990's snow was more common in Hesperia than in the late 1990's to the present. So far, the winter of 2005 to 2006 has provided no snow and only a little rain. The last few years, Hesperia has had a mild climate with not nearly the winds we used to see, lower summer temps and warmer winter temps, far from a natural desert environment type weather patterns of very hot days and cool or cold nights and cold, windy, brutal winters.

Some weather facts for Hesperia, California

July is the warmest month on average.
December is the coolest month on average.
The highest recorded temperature was 113F in 1995.
The lowest recorded temperature was -1F in 1949.
The maximum precipitation occurs in February on average (as rain).

Air Quality in Hesperia, California

Air quality in Hesperia used to be fantastic. In the last few years, it has declined dramatically now with visible and noticeable pollution in both the summer and winter months. On most any day in years past, one could view the Southern Sierra Nevada from Hesperia, this has not been possible in the last few years with visibility markedly reduced due to air pollution in the entire high desert and Victor Valley area. Due to air pollution in Hesperia, it is now commonly not possible to see more than a few miles in the summer afternoons when the air is clogged with a thick brownish haze and high ozone levels causing breathing problems for sensitive individuals.

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