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Now is the time to buy a home in Hesperia

The real estate boom has cooled, act now.

Yes! If you're looking to buy a home in Hesperia California, you have come to the right place. For the last few years prices in Hesperia have been rising rapidly with competition in both the buyers and seller's markets. In late 2005, however, Hesperia real estate movement has slowed down. Sellers want to sell houses that aren't selling. There is little competition left in the buyers market and homes can be purchased cheaper now that a few months ago where most homes were selling above the listing price and many of the more affordable homes experienced multiple bids for prices well above the listing price. Now in 2006, this is not the case in Hesperia. There is now much less competition and far fewer buyers looking for homes. Homes are sitting vacant for months now while a buyer is searched for. If you are considering buying a home in Hesperia, now is a much better time to buy than a mid-2005 when the real estate market in Hesperia had truely "gone-crazy".

Home sellers in Hesperia, CA

Sellers of homes in Hesperia, California should not expect an immediate sell in 2006. Most homes are sitting on the market for a few months. Only the most affordable, best deals will sell quickly at this time. If you're a seller in Hesperia and you want to sell fast, you may have to lower your price below market to lock in a buyer.

Lots in Hesperia

In the early 1980's most 1/2 acre lots in Heperia sold for about $6,000. At this time, lots were widely available with many more vacant lots that lots with homes in populated areas. In 2006, most 1/2 acre residential lots in Hesperia are selling for $60,000 to $150,000 depending on location. Lots are much harder to find now than they were 25 years ago... most lots are already occupied with single family homes.

Housing Tracts in Hesperia

In about 2002, large builders from out of the area began constructing large housing tracts throughout Hesperia. These homes will appeal to people moving to Hesperia from a larger city but are looked down upon by the long-term residents of Hesperia. These housing tracts cause heavy congestion on Hesperia's roads at peak times of the day and as the population continues to increase, this overburden of traffic can be seen even at non-peak times of the day.

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