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Real Estate in Hesperia, California

Things a buyer needs to know.

Home Prices in Hesperia, 2006

Most homes in Hesperia are priced between $300,000 to $450,000. There are few homes available for under $300,000 and most of the homes that are available for a cheap price are pretty small and/or run-down fixer-upper homes. It is very difficult to find a home in Hesperia for under $250,000. Hesperia also offers many homes above the $450,000 mark with prices commonly up to $650,000. Homes above $650,000 are not very common. Such homes are typically over 4000 sq feet, with deluxe features and large lots. There are many large homes in Oak Hills, in the southwestern portion of Heperia which sit on large 2.5 to 5 acre parcels and commonly sell for over $600,000. Some of these homes sell for over $1 million. Another area of large, expensive homes in Hesperia is in far southern Hesperia, past the city limit boundaries of Arrowhead Lake Road. Most of these homes are on 5 acre lots and sell for over $1 million.

Hesperia Living

The sales tax rate in Hesperia is currently 7.75% (January 2006). Most large retail stores are located outside of Hesperia in either Victorville or Apple Valley. Hesperia primarly offers smaller stores and many Supermarkets. Hesperia's Main Street is home to 3 Stater Bros Markets, 1 Vons, 1 Albertsons/Savon, 1 Kmart, 2 mid-size hardware stores, 2 Rite-Aid's, 1 Walgreens, many fast food stops, many gas stations and automotive stops. The largest area of retail growth has recently been and will continue to be near the Main St, I-15 freeway interchange. This area of hesperia offers many food stops, gas stations, a new hotel, and a Target is proposed for development.

Major amenities in Hesperia, California

Hesperia Airport in far southern Hesperia, offering private, small-plane services.
Hesperia Lakes park and recreation, equestrian areas
Lime Street Public Park offering many baseball/softball fields and tennis courts
Timberlane park offering a baseball field and limited tennis courts
Hesperia Public Library located on Main St. The population of Hesperia in 2006 has grown to over 80,000. Combine this with the population of the Victor Valley areas and the population in the high desert is well over 1/4 million people.

Other real estate opportunities near Hesperia:

Victorville Real Estate
Victorville has a much better developed retail market than Hesperia. Home prices in Victorville are comparable to Hesperia. Victorville includes the private community of Spring Valley Lake which contains the most expensive (per square foot) homes in the Victor Valley area.

Apple Valley Real Estate
Apple Valley offers slightly more affordable homes than Hesperia. Apple Valley also has a larger quantity of homes priced over $750,000 than Hesperia.

Adelanto Real Estate
Adelanto is the most affordable place in the Victor Valley area but prices have rose dramatically in the last few years. Adelanto used to be and still is a place considered by many to be a low-life area riddled with gangs and drugs. Large out-of-area companies have invested huge in Adelanto building tract homes all over and greatly increasing the prices, however, Adelanto is still a place ridden with crime and criminal activity... appearances may be deceiving for the people buying these over priced homes in an otherwise run-down area that is economically in bad shape beyond short-term boosts from the Adelanto real estate boom.

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Hesperia's Road Problems

Hesperia has a small town design of one main entry/exit - Main St. Now, in 2006, Main Street is often clogged causing trips that used to take 15 minutes to take 45 minutes to an hour due to heavy traffic and congestion. An underpass on Ranchero Road, a few miles south of Main St. is in the works and should be completed within the next few years. This will help alleviate traffic on Main St., however, at the same time also opens up all of southern Hesperia to decreased travel times to and from the I-15 freeway, making this area of Hesperia a more desirable place to build and live; this should help expand southern Hesperia into the Summit Valley areas. It is proposed that 10's of thousands of homes will be built in this area of southern Hesperia between Ranchero Road and Summit Valley, bounded on the south by Highway 173 and Highway 138. This heavy development should help to neutralize any positive effect of the Ranchero Road underpass by significantly increasing the population of Hesperia and clogging the roads further, including both Higways 173 and 138.

Rock Springs Road in eastern Hesperia has been another road of constant problems in Hesperia. Rock Springs road connects southern Apple Valley and the Marianas Highlands to Hesperia and the I-15 freeway. Rock Springs road crosses the Mojave River at about 2900 feet elevation. This has been the site of numerous road closures for decades. Year after year, the Mojave River washed away Rock Springs road forcing all the would-be traffic onto Bear Valley Road. Finally, in 2005, a larger than normal attempt was made to help prevent future problems at this site. Though not yet a bridge, the new roadway should do much better at withstanding storm surges of the Mojave River, whereas the old roadway would wash away with only minor flooding and would not be fixed usually for nearly a year only to wash away again the following year.

Road surfaces have seen dramatic improvements in the past few years with all the building and development. Sine incorporation (1988) to the late 1990's, Hesperia was nearly broke and not able to properly maintain most of the roadways of the city. The increase in residential and commercial development in the city has given Hesperia much more revenue to work with in order to properly maintain the city's roadways. Thus we have seen a marked improvement in many of Hesperia's roads in the past few years. Will this last? Increase urbanization increases runoff which aids in desctruction of roadways. Most of the roadways have poor or no drainage systems in place so the large amounts of runoff should require Hesperia to repair roads more often than in years past.

Recreation in Hesperia

Please visit DesertMud for some prime recreational opportunities in and around the Hesperia area, including hiking and mountain biking.

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